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How North East and Millerton can become more resilient to a warmer, more volatile climate.

How North East and Millerton can become more resilient to a warmer, more volatile climate.

Green News

★ We have pictures from our Earth Day 2022 Fair!  Click here to view.

Comments requested. A multi-community plan to protect and, where necessary, restore Webatuck Creek and its destination, the Ten Mile River in Wassaic, is now ready for comments.  Go here for more info.

★ June 29, Wednesday, 7pm EDT: Composting, an Ecological Perspective, a virtual talk by Cary Institute scientist Dr. Jane Lukas, including how to reduce your own household waste and shrink your carbon footprint, before the state mandates that all organic waste be composted. Register here.

Good Links

The Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Infestation: Some Answers: No, they won’t kill the trees, some denuded trees may even releaf this year. Yes, they are cyclical—about every 10 to 15 years—but this one is strange, out of sequence, and heavy. No, there’s not much you can do about it now. Yes, they are likely to return next year, so be prepared. Here’s one useful guide.  

Hopeful Summer Reading: Many climate book ideas from the online magazine Grist, most of them positive and encouraging. A reader recommends one as a “soft hug of a book.” Among them:  All We Can Save and Ministry for the Future

What You Can Do

North East Climate Smart hosts two dozen wetlands fanciers on a fall Sunday to learn about flooding from Dutchess Land Conservancy naturalist Julie Hart.
Photo by Kathy Chow

Individuals and Families

To reduce our carbon footprint and prepare for bigger weather, local businesses of all sizes can pitch in. For good ideas, click on menu items. To share an idea, contact us. Photo by Wendy Hill

Businesses and Institutions

With a grant from the state, the Town of North East hired Housatonic Valley Association to survey 150 road-stream crossings for resilience to the storm water to come.

Local and State Government

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