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How North East and Millerton can become more resilient to a warmer, more volatile climate.

How North East and Millerton can become more resilient to a warmer, more volatile climate.

Green News

★ The Town of North East was recently awarded Bronze certification in the state’s Climate Smart program, joining 85 other Bronze communities, many of them much larger.  Ancram also achieved Bronze, among the six announced. Read more here or in the NY State DEC press release

★ The final version of the joint Town and Village Climate Action Plan is now available.  This report is a roadmap to reducing Green House Gas emissions produced by municipal activities.

Good Links

Hopeful Summer Reading: Many climate book ideas from the online magazine Grist, most of them positive and encouraging. A reader recommends one as a “soft hug of a book.” Among them:  All We Can Save and Ministry for the Future

★ The future of food is non-animal and sometimes grown from little more than air, water, and bacteria. Here are ten examples.

★ “Green the Grid and Electrify Everything” Recording of Zoom talk by Jennifer Metzger.  How we will shift to a clean energy economy.  Originally presented by North East-Millerton Library. Click here to view.

What You Can Do

North East Climate Smart hosts two dozen wetlands fanciers on a fall Sunday to learn about flooding from Dutchess Land Conservancy naturalist Julie Hart.
Photo by Kathy Chow

Individuals and Families

To reduce our carbon footprint and prepare for bigger weather, local businesses of all sizes can pitch in. For good ideas, click on menu items. To share an idea, contact us. Photo by Wendy Hill

Businesses and Institutions

With a grant from the state, the Town of North East hired Housatonic Valley Association to survey 150 road-stream crossings for resilience to the storm water to come.

Local and State Government

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